Welcome to the Swimming Meet Results website.

This is a small website set up to offer a place for your swimming club to host the meet results from any swimming competition. We are a small team of swimming volunteers based in the East Midlands (UK), that saw a flaw with a lot of website hosting companies that either cant do this or can’t do that when it comes to some of the modern day features when hosting your competition results. So we have set up a generic website where we can offer you and your club a place to host competition results where most features are available to you. We would like to say “All features” but there is bound to be one or two that come up that we haven’t set up to cater for yet.

We offer very cheap hosting solutions with full customised FTP access for you to upload and host your results.

If you are interested in our services please use the contact form to contact us to find out more or view our package details here.